Sunday, June 10, 2012

All about Addison

So, obviously, I'm really horrible at blogging.  It's high time for an update...

Most likely, if you're reading this you probably already know that little Addison Blythe White joined our family on October 18, 2011.

That's right, she's almost 8 months old now!  Lance and I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful, perfect baby.  She really is amazing!  Most of our extended family hasn't had a chance to meet her yet so here are some fun facts about our little Addi:

-Addi is a people person.  She loves attention, of any kind, from anyone.

-She is the most fun-loving baby I know.  She knows when someone is goofing around and being silly and she'll reward you with a smile or a little giggle.  She just loves to play.

-This kid loves her baths.  Bath time is probably her favorite part of the day.

-Addi is a very reasonable baby.  She has never just cried for no reason.  And she is almost always consoled within a few very short minutes (as long as you fix the problem).  I don't know how we got so lucky with her but I'm sure we'll pay for it with the next one ;)

-She loves to yell, scream and screech.  She even babbles very loudly.  This baby likes to be heard!

-She's not a big fan of tummy time.  She often picks up her arms and legs (like balancing on her tummy) when she gets frustrated instead of using them to change her situation.  So no, she's not crawling yet.

-She has two teeth!  The second one came in last night/this morning.  And, true to form, she didn't complain a bit!

-She is eating like a pig right now.  She eats two 4-ounce jars of baby food three times a day in addition to about 25 ounces of milk. (But she is still only about 15.5 pounds!)

-She is food texture sensitive.  She doesn't like any textures of food yet, just the pureed fruits and vegetables.  She really is her mother's daughter.  (Sorry, kid!)

-Addi loves to blow bubbles and raspberries.  She's a very drooly baby.

-She is a fretty sleeper.  She was so fretty when she was brand new that I'm not sure how she got any sleep at all!  She was always grunting, moving, twitching, startling, and just making all of those cute baby noises.  Even now, at 8 months, she is still pretty fretty.

-She does this funny fake cough to get attention.  It's adorable.  She seems to do it very intentionally when there are little baby boys around.  She's already a little flirt.

-She loves the pool.  She has a little float that she loves and she has a great time splashing around.

I could talk about my adorable, funny, sweet Addi Monkey forever but I think that's it for this post.  Hope you enjoyed!

We sure love this little girl!