Sunday, June 10, 2012

All about Addison

So, obviously, I'm really horrible at blogging.  It's high time for an update...

Most likely, if you're reading this you probably already know that little Addison Blythe White joined our family on October 18, 2011.

That's right, she's almost 8 months old now!  Lance and I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful, perfect baby.  She really is amazing!  Most of our extended family hasn't had a chance to meet her yet so here are some fun facts about our little Addi:

-Addi is a people person.  She loves attention, of any kind, from anyone.

-She is the most fun-loving baby I know.  She knows when someone is goofing around and being silly and she'll reward you with a smile or a little giggle.  She just loves to play.

-This kid loves her baths.  Bath time is probably her favorite part of the day.

-Addi is a very reasonable baby.  She has never just cried for no reason.  And she is almost always consoled within a few very short minutes (as long as you fix the problem).  I don't know how we got so lucky with her but I'm sure we'll pay for it with the next one ;)

-She loves to yell, scream and screech.  She even babbles very loudly.  This baby likes to be heard!

-She's not a big fan of tummy time.  She often picks up her arms and legs (like balancing on her tummy) when she gets frustrated instead of using them to change her situation.  So no, she's not crawling yet.

-She has two teeth!  The second one came in last night/this morning.  And, true to form, she didn't complain a bit!

-She is eating like a pig right now.  She eats two 4-ounce jars of baby food three times a day in addition to about 25 ounces of milk. (But she is still only about 15.5 pounds!)

-She is food texture sensitive.  She doesn't like any textures of food yet, just the pureed fruits and vegetables.  She really is her mother's daughter.  (Sorry, kid!)

-Addi loves to blow bubbles and raspberries.  She's a very drooly baby.

-She is a fretty sleeper.  She was so fretty when she was brand new that I'm not sure how she got any sleep at all!  She was always grunting, moving, twitching, startling, and just making all of those cute baby noises.  Even now, at 8 months, she is still pretty fretty.

-She does this funny fake cough to get attention.  It's adorable.  She seems to do it very intentionally when there are little baby boys around.  She's already a little flirt.

-She loves the pool.  She has a little float that she loves and she has a great time splashing around.

I could talk about my adorable, funny, sweet Addi Monkey forever but I think that's it for this post.  Hope you enjoyed!

We sure love this little girl!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life in NC

It's been a while...

We've moved!!  Lance was accepted to medical school at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, NC and we have been here since late July.  We are absolutely in love with this charming city and have settled in very nicely. School has been in full swing for a little over a month now which means Lance has survived almost half of his block of human anatomy.  This is rumored to be the most intense and academically rigorous part of the medical school curriculum here at Wake Forest but Lance is handling it very well.  He spends all day at school and then an additional 4-6 hours studying when he gets home.  I realize this sounds torturous to many people but Lance is loving it.  I am so excited for him to be doing something he loves and feels so passionately about.  I feel very proud to be the wife of such a hardworking, determined, intelligent, and loving man.  He is going to be such a great doctor in 4 years.

The medical school buildings on the Wake Forest Medical Center campus

I am now 33.5 weeks into my pregnancy, which has continued to be, thankfully, very uneventful.  I have had a blast getting to know this little baby inside me.  She's really active and I am counting down the days until I get to meet her.  In other news, I found a full-time job working in a private ophthalmology practice in a little nearby town called Lexington.  I have been there for 3 weeks now and I feel very blessed to have started working only 2 weeks after moving here.

Thanks for you can enjoy some pics.

This was about 30 weeks.  This travel system was our first big baby purchase.  We put it together as soon as we got home.  We are so excited!
This was taken yesterday, 33 weeks and 2 days.  It seems like my belly did a lot of growing in those 3 weeks!

31 week ultrasound

Again at 31 weeks. She looks pouty and smashed.  Not great pics at this ultrasound.  Hopefully we'll get some better ones in 2 weeks.

That's it for now.  Stay tuned.  I will post pictures of our beautiful new city and our cute apartment soon.  I've also skipped a lot of events these last few months and I will update again soon to fill you in!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"The dishes are done, dude"

Lance and I will be welcoming a new baby girl to our family on October 20!  I am 19 weeks pregnant today and feeling great!  I don't know how but I have been very blessed to have a very easy pregnancy so far.  I haven't really had any morning sickness at all.  My only symptoms have been increased fatigue, a couple of weird food aversions that lasted a few weeks, and momentary nausea that goes away as soon as I get some food in my mouth.  Like I said, I've had it pretty easy so far.

Here are some pictures of the star of the show: Baby Girl White (aka, Porsche Texas White ;)).  She is still very small, about 6.5 inches and weighs 9 oz. now so she doesn't have much fat to give her more definitive characteristics.  Lance affectionately calls her skeletor monkey-I have to admit she looks pretty creepy in a lot of the ultrasound images we have.  But, I'm sure she'll be beautiful (how could she not with such good lookin' parents?) and we are so excited to meet her!

I'm starting to show now so it's time to start the classic belly pics to document my (and baby's) progress.

19 weeks

I swear my belly looks a lot bigger than this when I'm looking down at it.  I'm looking forward to the second half of pregnancy-hope it is just as joyous (and easy) as the first half!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Catching Up...Again

The last month has been filled with lots of fun activities so here's a quick recap...

One of our favorite bands is the Zac Brown Band and they came to Houston with the rodeo.  We went to their concert and we loved it! They played a lot of our favorite songs and they sounded great.  They only played for about an hour but it was amazing!  I discovered at this concert how much I really love the fiddle.  I know, call me a hick but their fiddle player was so talented and I couldn't help but fall in love.  If you don't know Zac Brown Band, you're really missing out.  Click here to listen/watch the music video of my favorite song.

We met up with Gary and Sherry for a weekend in San Antonio. Actually, we went to Lake Medina, which is just outside of San Antonio, and had a nice, relaxing weekend.  Bobby was the only one brave enough to get in the freezing water this time.  We hope to join him next time when the water warms up some more.  We also spent some time in downtown San Antonio-we visited the Alamo and went to the Riverwalk.  

San Antonio Riverwalk
Tina came to visit the last weekend in March.  We watched some basketball, went to The Chocolate Bar, walked on the beach in Galveston, and did some shopping. We really loved having her here.  
Waiting in line for ice cream

We feel very blessed to have spent so much time with our family members this past month.  We live so far away and are grateful for the many sacrifices y'all have made to visit us.  We love you!

Our most recent adventure we had was attending the US Men's Clay Court Championship here in Houston.  Lance loves to play and watch tennis so we bought tickets to the Saturday matches (both singles semifinals matches and the doubles final).  There was only one American (Ryan Sweeting) left for the singles and he ended up winning the championship on Sunday.  This was our first professional tennis tournament and we had a great time.  The weather was perfect-warm and humid but breezy so we kept pretty cool.  I didn't really know anything about tennis before I met Lance but I have had lots of fun getting to know the game and occasionally hitting the ball with him.  Hopefully this was just the first of many tennis tournaments to come.

Ivo Karlovic, one of the biggest servers in tennis.  He has beaten Federer once.

Doubles match-the Bryan brothers are on the left.  They are the #1 doubles team in the world.

Ryan Sweeting-Champ

In other news:  We were called to teach the Valiant 9 class in primary together.  It is interesting and a little challenging to be in primary again after all these years (and add 7 extra years for Lance).  Our kids are really smart and I have enjoyed watching them retain information and get excited to read and answer questions.  We even have one girl who told us a fake name on the first week and she, with the help of the whole class, has kept it going since then.  I can tell they'll be keeping us on our toes.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Paula, Rodeo, Keith, Peanut Butter & Trust Company

We had our first visitor in Houston last week and we had a really good time!  Paula arrived on Monday afternoon and we took her to Chuy's, one of our new favorite restaurants, for dinner that night.  We enjoyed great food and then headed out to show her around some of the cool old neighborhoods in Houston.  On Tuesday night the three of us went to the Rodeo and Keith Urban concert--a very cool, cultural, fun experience.  

The Houston Rodeo is an event that lasts three weeks every March.  They have a carnival, rodeo, and concert every night during this three week period, not to mention tons of incredibly unhealthy southern food.  As we entered, we were greeted by a row of about 30 barbecue-turkey leg-fried everything-rib joints.  So, after we made it through all of the food, we went into the stadium for the rodeo and concert.  I had never been to a rodeo before and I had such a great time watching all of the talented riders and ropers do their thing.  We watched the buckin' broncos, calf roping, horse racing, and the 4H kids trying to catch calves to raise money for their clubs.  My favorite event is called Muttin' Bustin'--5 and 6-year olds riding on the back of a sheep competing for a belt buckle for having the longest ride.  It was so cute to watch these little kids bear down and hold on for dear life as the sheep were set loose.  

The Keith Urban concert was awesome as well.  I haven't heard very much from his newest album but he played quite a few older songs that I was familiar with (ok, so maybe I knew every word...) and it was fun to hear some of his new stuff too.  Lance's favorite part was watching Keith on the guitar.  He really is a great musician and performer.  It's safe to say we both enjoyed the concert.  Thanks for the tickets, Paula!

We went to the mall on Wednesday night for dinner and then on Thursday we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch some basketball and enjoy some tasty wings.  Paula left early on Friday morning and we wish she could have stayed longer but we sure enjoyed having her here!

Friday night Lance and I volunteered from 7pm to midnight at the LDS Cannery.  I was excited and curious to see what the night would have in store but I enjoyed it far more than I could have imagined.  The Cannery in Houston is purely dedicated to making peanut butter so we were assigned jobs as part of an assembly line and we got right to work.  We worked for the better part of the 5 hours screwing on lids wearing aprons, gloves, hairnets, and ear plugs.  To me, it's not so much the work that we did but the notion that we sacrificed a sliver of our time to perform a service for those who are not as blessed as we are.  I should volunteer more often.

Saturday night Lance got tickets to go see one of his favorite bands play-Trust Company.  They were only playing in two cities as a supporting act and Houston just happened to be one of them.  The concert was held in a small smokers bar so I didn't go, but Lance had a good time.  The band only recently got back together and released a new album after years of separation so Lance was glad he was able to go.  

Well, I think that about sums up our last week.  Sorry there aren't any pictures...I'm really not any good at remembering to take them.  I'll work on that :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Discovering Houston Together

Lance and I have been in Houston now for almost a month and we thought it's about time to let y'all know where we live and what we're up to!

This is our apartment building called Ventana.  It is a very nice building but is in a slightly run-down part of town.  We live within a few blocks of 2 or 3 different homeless shelters and there are several interesting businesses nearby but we love where we live and wouldn't have it any other way.  

This is the view from the rooftop of our building.  I like the big Texas wide open sky. Downtown is straight ahead about a mile up the road.  Beautiful!

We only live about 2 miles north of what is called the Texas Medical Center, which is the most concentrated area of hospitals, research centers, clinics, and schools in the world.  There are 49 medicine-related institutions, over 93,500 employees, and 6 million patients treated annually!  We feel very privileged to be part of such an amazing part of the city.  The downside: lots of traffic and parking fees.  So, we decided to be green (aka save some time and money) and use public transportation.  Our apartment is only 3 blocks from a train station so we take a nice stroll, catch the train and ride down to the medical center.  Lance walks 2 or 3 more blocks to his building and I catch a bus that takes me another mile or so to my building.

Here is our train station
Cool picture Lance took on the train. Lance is into this "hipsto" photography.
Houston is really a beautiful city--lots of gorgeous homes in gorgeous neighborhoods, cool shopping centers, endless restaurants, museums, parks, etc. The area where we live is in somewhat of a "re-development" phase so it's interesting but cool. Here are some pictures of our neighborhood:

This is what we like to call Creepy Sears.  Its actually pretty nice on the inside, just creepy from the outside.

Fiesta, a local grocery store with a Church's Chicken inside (classy!).  Lance sings Lionel Richie every time we pass it or need groceries :)
The inside of our favorite breakfast tacos place called Tacos A Go-Go.  This place is amazing! Lance is also into these panoramic photos.
Outside Tacos A Go-Go
A cool, eclectic restaurant called Natachee's
These are just a few pictures of some of the more interesting, unique places around our apartment.  

We have a new favorite place to eat called Chuy's.  It's a Mexican restaurant and it has great food and a fun environment.

We live very close to Hermann Park, which is a perfect place to run, walk, go to the zoo, and just spend time outside.  It's a pretty big park and is always full of people.  It has a big pond, a reflection pool, and several creeks with different types of beautiful gardens.  

This picture does not do any sort of justice to the park...
We took a drive to the Houston Temple, which is gorgeous!

Lastly, this weekend Lance and I ran a 5k around the Medical Center.  The proceeds were donated to the Harris County Hospital District and we had a great time running together.

Well, I think you're pretty caught up on all our activities thus far.  We'll be sure to keep you updated as we discover more of Houston!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome to Texas!

Three weeks ago today Lance and I arrived at our new home in Houston, Texas!  We quit our jobs, said goodbye to family and friends, and prepared to live in a place that neither of us had ever even visited before.

We were very blessed as Lance's new employer payed for a moving company to move our apartment so all we had to do was live on an air mattress for a week and make the drive in our two cars.

The last week in our Utah apartment.  Living out of suitcases and sleeping on an air mattress.

Even though we had to drive separately, it went very smoothly and it was a pleasant trip.  This is the route we chose to take:

We started our journey Friday night after work.  Because our journey would take us right through Moab, we took advantage of the opportunity to spend some time with my Grandma Shirley.  She took us to dinner and then we went straight to bed so we could start again early Saturday morning.  Saturday took us from Moab, UT to Wichita Falls, TX.  Here's the summary: We caught a beautiful sunrise in Monticello, UT; enjoyed the scenery from Mesa Verda, CO to Shiprock, NM; were glad when we were past Albuquerque, NM; witnessed an amazing sunset in the great wide open of Amarillo, TX; and ate at the most bizarre Arby's before catching some shut eye in Wichita Falls, TX.  What a day!  The drive on Sunday from Wichita Falls to Houston had me white-knuckled on the steering wheel as we experienced our first real Texan downpour until about an hour outside of Houston.  As we approached Houston we could feel the air getting thicker and thicker with humidity and we were finally greeted with the beautiful skyline of the city we now call home.  We drove straight to our apartment complex, signed our lease, and started our new adventure of living about a mile south of downtown of the fourth largest city in the US!

We left our first home together in Draper, Utah so Lance could continue to work with Dr. Michael Belfort, who was just hired as Department Chair of OB/GYN at Baylor College of Medicine.  Lance is a Research Coordinator for Dr. Belfort and he loves his job.  And, thanks to Lance's new co-workers' connections, I was hired to work as an Ophthalmic Technician for BCM.

We are completely unpacked now and getting settled in our new city.  We feel blessed to have the love and support of our families when we are so far from home.  We know this is the place we are supposed to be and are grateful for all of the blessings and good fortune we have experienced thus far.  We love exploring our new city and we will keep you updated on all of our new adventures here in Houston!