Thursday, May 26, 2011

"The dishes are done, dude"

Lance and I will be welcoming a new baby girl to our family on October 20!  I am 19 weeks pregnant today and feeling great!  I don't know how but I have been very blessed to have a very easy pregnancy so far.  I haven't really had any morning sickness at all.  My only symptoms have been increased fatigue, a couple of weird food aversions that lasted a few weeks, and momentary nausea that goes away as soon as I get some food in my mouth.  Like I said, I've had it pretty easy so far.

Here are some pictures of the star of the show: Baby Girl White (aka, Porsche Texas White ;)).  She is still very small, about 6.5 inches and weighs 9 oz. now so she doesn't have much fat to give her more definitive characteristics.  Lance affectionately calls her skeletor monkey-I have to admit she looks pretty creepy in a lot of the ultrasound images we have.  But, I'm sure she'll be beautiful (how could she not with such good lookin' parents?) and we are so excited to meet her!

I'm starting to show now so it's time to start the classic belly pics to document my (and baby's) progress.

19 weeks

I swear my belly looks a lot bigger than this when I'm looking down at it.  I'm looking forward to the second half of pregnancy-hope it is just as joyous (and easy) as the first half!